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Price List

The most affordable prices, among any Auto Locksmith, Dealership, or Service Station can easily be found by using the Car Pricing Calculator, found on the right side of every page.

If you need clarification on how it works, please follow the step by step breakdown below

Price Tool Instructions: Plug in the MAKE, MODEL,YEAR, SERVICE and STYLE, in box on upper-right hand side and  get ACTUAL price. Which is anywhere from 10- 50% off, what you would be charged by any of the above mentioned “service providers.”

There are no limitations on the keys we can Re-Make, Duplicate, or Re-Program. Key Options include:

Mechanical Key,  FOB, FOB (Push-To-Start), Flip Key or Switchblade, Remote Head, Keyless Entry or Transponder Key. If you need any clarification on what kind of key you have contact us with the description and we will be able to tell you more about the type of key you have and the options of what you need. Some examples of Key type below: (This is not a stock image, its a picture of a display you will see when coming to our Service location)